JFET Matched Quad Set for Phaser Circuits - 2n5952


These have been individually tested and matched to have a IDSS reading within ±0.01V (plus or minus one-one-hundredth of a volt) of one another. This allows the JFETs to open at the same time and deliver a strong phasing signal for the best sounding circuit!


  • Used in the Dr Phybes and other Phase 90-based phaser circuits
  • This set is also used in "The Vibe" circuit
  • A set can be used in any Phase 90 based phaser circuit
  • One quad set can be used to build 2 Phase 45 circuits 
  • Note that our kits for Dr Phybes and The Vibe already include these
  • Every set is packed in an Anti-Static bag.


This item typically ships via first class mail in a bubble mailer unless purchased with a kit.

2n5952 Matched Quad Set
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"Baby Build" Mono Jacks

JFET Matched Sets for
   Phaser circuits - 2n5952

• Germanium Transistors:

    • High gain 5-packs

• 3PDT Wiring Boards



• 4-Track Fuzz

• Sonic Tonic

• The Vibe


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