3PDT Wiring Board (PCB)

Simply put, the best available anywhere with 7+ years of enhancements! 


These will work with most any circuit, regardless of company. Smallest profile, most features!  Save time & space on your build!


All power wires are completely separate from audio wires in this design to create a low-noise build especially in combos, high gain circuits and modulation! 


There's no lower profile wiring board, with as many features! 


  • LED Options! - Use a Standard LED or a BiColor. 
  • (6) Grounds conveniently located .
  • On Board Current Limiting Resistor 
  • (3) - 9v Power Pads for more options & combo build power sharing.
  • No crossover of Audio and power wires!!! 
  • Great for Combo-Pedals. 
  • LED is mountable to the board, providing a firm connection. 
  • Convenient Corner Cuts allow for use in small builds.


Note that this item is included in our kits as of February 2017. This item is for sale separately in case you want to buy extra.


This item ships first class mail unless purchased with a kit.

3PDT Wiring Board (PCB)


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