7660S IC

This is a charge pump IC. It is used in several GuitarPCB projects to allow a PNP Germanium fuzz circuit to operate daisy-chained with other standard negative-ground effects (Pump'd Up Rangemaster Plus, Pump'd Up Fuzz Face, Pump'd Up Tone Bender, and the Fuzzy Bee). It can be used in a circuit to provide both +9V and -9V to allow an 18V circuit to be created from a 9V source.


The 7660 (no S at the end) was problematic because it has an internal oscillator which is in the audible range, and causes guitar effects to have noise. The MAX1044 and 7660S solved this issue by adding an oscillator boost that eliminates this noise. Unfortunately, the MAX1044 has been less than reliable for some so we shy away from those. These 7660S charge pumps from Microchip are fantastic and seem to be highly reliable. These are guaranteed authentic.


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7660S IC


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Microchip TC7660S Datasheet
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