BMP OpAmp Kit

This kit includes all of the parts needed to build the GuitarPCB BMP OpAmp pedal project. The circuit has been used by many famous musicians. Our kit provides what you need to make the standard project, but you can start here and customize it to your liking later if you want using the PCB's A/B pads for additional tone enhancements (custom enhancement parts are not included in the kit).


This kit comes with a 125B enclosure and black Davies 1510-style knobs.


All of our kits include a jack for a DC power adapter but no battery snap. If you wish to add a battery snap, please add a battery snap kit to your cart in addition to the pedal kit. Please see what is provided in a kit? in our FAQ for more details of what is included and what you will need to provide to complete the project.


Op Amp Big Muff® is a registered trademark of Electro-Harmonix®. The product on this page is not made by Electro-Harmonix®. Pedal Parts and Kits is not associated with and makes no claims to these trademarks. See our FAQ for more details.

BMP OpAmp Pedal Kit


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Here's a demo by Barry at Enjoy!

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