DPDT Wiring Board

DPDT Wiring Board-Perfect for Mods


New DPDT Wiring Board - 100's of Mod options on a Reusable Socketable Board!

 I have not seen any other DPDT Wiring Board have all of the advantages of this one!

  • Add Trimmers to either side of the board
  • Reusable
  • Change components without damaging Board or Expensive Switches!
  • Easily add as many Sockets as you like.
  • Makes wiring components to a switch Simple, Fast and Professional looking!
  • They're small and will fit into tight places easily and neatly

To be used with either (ON-ON) or (ON-OFF-ON) DPDT Switches depending on the application! As seen in the images, it can also be used on common 3PDT foot switches.


Some DPDT Wiring Board Ideas


Works great with many overdrives, distorion, and fuzz pedals. At the flick of a switch change the bias on your fuzz. Change the tone cap, and more.


DPDT Wiring Board
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