Germanium Transistors - High Gain 5-Pack


This special deal is a pack of 5 NOS Germanium Transistors which fall higher than the normal Fuzz Face or Tone Bender range. This grab-bag is great for experimentation in your favorite circuits!


  • Gain and leakage values measured with a Peak Atlas DCA-55, and is provided on individual bags, as seen in the picture.
  • Each will have a gain of 130 to 200+ hFE and low leakage (below .3 mA).
  • Brand and model may vary, but many are Texas Instruments 2n1307 with gold leads.
  • May be 2n1307, 2n404, 2n1305 and may have gold or silver colored leads
  • Most sets will have at least 1 piece in the 130-145 hFE range, the rest will typically be 145+.
  • Sets will vary. No 2 sets will have the same values. If you need something specific, let us know and we will try to accommodate.


Limited quantity. Get them while they last!


Shipping on this item is via USPS first class mail package unless ordered with a kit.

Germanium Transistor High-Gain 5-Pack
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