J201 Premium JFET Solution Multi-Pack


Sadly, the through-hole J201 is no longer produced, and remaining supplies from ebay/China are so out of spec, they are not usable. SMD is the solution. The SMD (surface-mount device) version of this JFET is still available, and is produced today by leading chip manufacturers with very high tolerances. Great news right? Well, SMD and DIY don't mix well for most (practically all) people.


Check out the size-comparison picture on this page. The SMD package is the black spec to the 2 pieces of instant rice. A regular through-hole JFET is also pictured. Obviously, these things are tiny. While some builders may have "some" smd experience, probably none will match the quality of assembly of these factory-produced prefabricated micro-PCBs with the J201 already soldered into place. Beautiful! The same black-spec-transistor is shown next to the pre-soldered boards.


  • Factory-soldered smd version of J201 on-board
  • Used as a "tube-replacement" in many DIY circuits that are emulating amplifier tones
  • Just use some cut-off leads from a resistor or diode, and solder to the 3 pads and you have a through-hole JFET
  • The pads are marked for Drain, Source and Gate, making these super easy to integrate into your main PCB
  • Your order will be packed in an Anti-Static bag. Multiple packs might be combined, as seen in image below
  • Trusted GuitarPCB Product. If you have bought these from Barry at GPCB, this is the same product.
  • Available in 2 size packs. Save when you order the larger pack.


Sorry, we cannot sell in other increments. This item typically ships via first class mail in a bubble mailer unless purchased at the same time as a kit.


Please verify JFET orientation when you install into your project. We will not be held responsible for damage due to incorrect usage.


Premium J201 Solution Multi-Pack


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