Here's what our customers have to say about Pedal Parts and Kits...

"Wow! My parts order was shipped the next day!  Parts were high quality, individually packed with a printed label and 100% correct.  These guys are real customer service professionals.  They really know the correct parts to send for kits as well.  AND...the prices were great, too!" - Wilkie1


"I love GuitarPCB but I hate sourcing parts. It was fun back when I first began building pedals but now I prefer to get down to building. Pedal Parts & Kits has made my day! They provide all the high quality parts a builder needs. Everything is packaged nice and well labelled. I also appreciate the lower price. There are other DIY pedal companies who charge nearly twice as much for a kit. Paypal shipped my kit to an old address and Pedal Parts & Kits were quick to respond to my inquiries. I have only dipped my toe into assembling electronics for a living. The fact that I can do it cost effectively and efficiently with one of these kits is a load off my mind. Thanks!!" Jeff S


"Got my first kit, and it was shipped fast! More than that, it was drilled perfectly for the board, and all the components were the right value, labeled and the right size. Great Job! Keep it up." - Todd


"Regarding the DSOTM Kit--It took me only 2 hours to build this pedal, worked first try, (very exciting) and it is now my favorite Fuzz effect pedal that I use! Definitely will be buying more kits from PedalPartsAndKits, Absolutely worth the money!" - Jerry


"So glad to see another US Store carrying a more complete line of GuitarPCB Kits. Thanks for the fast shipping & 2 quality kits. Mini-Me finished (superb chorus!) Starting my Zenith Drive now." - Robert J.