TO-5, TO-39 3-pin Socket

This is a round 3-pin socket for many different transistors, but common Germanium transistors which use this are 2n404, 2n1305, 2n1307, 2n1309, and many, many more. These also fit some silicon transistors like , which is used in the GuitarPCB FxxxBxxx circuit.


Note that the circuit board must be laid out for a TO-5 transistor or TO-39 package with .2 inch spacing between the non-adjacent pins. Please refer to datasheet for compatibility before ordering.


Available in an economical 5-pack or 10-pack. 


This item ships via USPS First Class Mail with tracking unless ordered with a pedal kit.

TO-5 Sockets


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Mill-Max TO-5 Socket Datasheet
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